Meet LexiTrac™

The world’s first retention schedule development tool
built with artificial intelligence.


By harnessing artificial intelligence technology, LexiTrac creates and maintains
retention schedules with unprecedented convenience and reliability.
LexiTrac empowers companies to gain control of their data
to save time and resources – and avoid regulatory missteps.

Stay compliant everywhere you do business.

LexiTrac covers the U.S. and more than 110 additional countries.
Learn more about our geographic coverage.

Keep up-to-date on new laws and policies.

Our expert team of information governance attorneys and legal researchers provides continuous updates, so your retention schedules are always current.
See how we monitor rules and regulations.

Rely on the experts.

LexiTrac is powered by Montaña & Associates, recognized leaders in records management and information governance.
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Save time, money and headaches.

LexiTrac uses artificial intelligence to streamline the retention schedule process, flag potential issues and deliver the answers you need.
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The first intelligent retention schedule solution features:

Intuitive and user-friendly retention schedule development
Intel and guidance from our team
of attorneys and legal researchers
Ongoing legal
and regulatory updates
Reports to benchmark your information governance
Access to tens of thousands
of laws, regulations and guidelines
Architecture by Neota Logic,
a leader in AI platforms

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