From Boardroom to Courtroom.

A survey by the Association of Corporate Counsel asked chief legal officers to identify their major stressors. The top five:

  • Ethics and compliance – 71 percent
  • Regulatory issues– 70 percent
  • Protection of corporate information – 59 percent
  • Privacy laws – 51 percent
  • Information governance – 50 percent

What do they all have in common? Data.

LexiTrac brings logic, compliance and sanity to the myriad documents and data created by your organization every day. Our clients gain consistent, defensible retention schedules that govern operations and withstand scrutiny in regulation, litigation or the media.

LexiTrac addresses all 50 states and more than 110 countries, ensuring coverage everywhere you do business. It provides access to tens of thousands of U.S. and global information compliance rules, laws and regulations. And its artificial intelligence framework is supported by a team of legal researchers who continuously refresh compliance rules.

In-house counsel also benefit from LexiTrac’s ability to quickly generate information governance reports that show privacy concerns, data location restrictions, media requirements, ethics guidance and more.

Many of the largest companies in the world trust Montaña & Associates to keep their retention schedules up-to-date and above-board. With LexiTrac, we deliver this capability in easy-to-use software with a predictable subscription cost.


Are your data policies defensible?

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