Behind the Scenes.

LexiTrac is the first and only retention schedule tool built on artificial intelligence. What this means for you:

LexiTrac saves countless hours of research and analysis. Behind the scenes, a seasoned team of information governance attorneys and legal researchers are monitoring and updating tens of thousands of global information governance laws in the LexiTrac legal database.

  • Regional, subject-matter and industry experts monitor and track law trends and update changes.
  • LexiTrac attorneys and legal researchers are all information governance (IG) specialists with years of focused experience.
  • Global in-country resources are leveraged for law translations, country-specific and industry-specific monitoring, trend analysis and guidance issues.

LexiTrac keeps your retention schedule up-to-date and compliant.

  • As the LexiTrac legal database is continually refreshed, compliance conflicts are automatically flagged within your organization’s retention schedule, ensuring streamlined and effective compliance.

LexiTrac works on your schedule.

  • Because LexiTrac is Software as a Service, our document retention schedule and management tools are available on-demand.


Harness the power of AI.

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