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The amount of data generated in business is already overwhelming – every 60 seconds, 204 million emails are created, and corporate data is projected to grow by 94 percent in the next year.

Add to that an ever-changing maze of state, federal and international regulations, and it’s no wonder that in an Association of Corporate Counsel survey, 59 percent of chief legal officers said corporate data keeps them up at night.

LexiTrac empowers users to master their data through an intelligent, easy-to-use web platform. This tool, developed by the experts at Montaña & Associates, assigns compliance parameters to the various documents created every day in business.

Some examples include:

  • Financial Records – audits and auditors’ reports, banking records, employee payroll records, financial statements, inventory and purchasing documents, ledgers and tax returns
  • Customer Data – purchase information, personally identifiable information/sensitive personal information, protected health information/personal health information
  • Business Records – articles of incorporation, bylaws, contracts and agreements, insurance records, intellectual property registrations, minutes and personnel files


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