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When it comes to retention, the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles state that an organization shall “maintain its information assets for an appropriate time, taking into account its legal, regulatory, fiscal, operational and historical requirements.” Determining all of these requirements is a daunting task, made only more complicated when a business expands into new states and countries.

LexiTrac monitors and interprets compliance rules, laws, regulations, standards and guidance (including privacy and security issues) in the United States and more than 110 countries on the federal, national, state, territorial, and provincial levels. LexiTrac also covers multinational regulatory bodies, such as the European Union, Basel Convention, ASEAN and Mercosur. We provide up-to-date legal research – and because no two jurisdictions or company operations are alike – we help users navigate potential compliance conflicts. LexiTrac ensures global compliance with ease and confidence.


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