Meet LexiTrac.

LexiTrac is a revolutionary retention schedule development and management tool. This software makes the crushing volume of complex data manageable, secure and legally compliant.

  • Because it’s an intelligent, web-based tool, it is easy to use and consistently updates as laws and regulations change.
  • Because it is subscription-based, it delivers smart data governance at a predictable cost.
  • And because it’s from Montaña & Associates, you can rely on its depth and breadth of coverage – and on our team of experts for support.

LexiTrac provides:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly retention schedule development
  • Retention schedule management, including ongoing legal and regulatory updates
  • Access to tens of thousands of functionally organized U.S. and global information compliance rules, laws, regulations, standards and guidelines
  • Coverage in more than 110 countries
  • Access to intel from our team of attorneys and legal researchers, who continuously refresh compliance rules
  • Options to quickly generate information governance reports that show privacy concerns, data location restrictions, media requirements and ethics guidance
  • Electronic systems data mapping
  • Workflow functionality to support internal management processes


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